hsc exam routine 2020 pdf download


Hsc exam routine 2020 pdf download the HSC Routine 2020 has recently been published by the Education Ministry of Bangladesh and Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh. HSC Examination will be started on April 1, 2020. It will run until May 5. After the theoretical exam, a practical exam will be held. A Candidate attends in HSC Examination after the two years of HSC Exam. It is the highest level of education colleges. After that, the students take preparation to admit himself in the university. Here we have added details of HSC Routine 2019 with the date and timing of all education Board.

HSC Routine 2020 All Education Board

HSC Routine 2020 has recently been published on the Dhaka Education Board’s official website. All Education Board HSC routine is the same as the other education Board of Bangladesh. You may know that there are nine education board in Bangladesh. The education Boards are

  • Dhaka Education Board
  • Rajshahi Education Board
  • Comilla Education Board
  • Jessore Education Board
  • Chittagong Education Board
  • Barisal Education Board
  • Sylhet Education Board
  • Mymensingh Education Board
  • Dinajpur Education Board

Besides these, there are two education boards of Bangladesh. First one is the Madrasah Education Board which deals with all Madrasah of Bangladesh. Another is the Technical Education Board, which deals with different technical education Board of Bangladesh. It is important to know that, All the educational institutions of these boards follow the Same Higher Secondary Exam routine in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Open University has a separate routine.  We have provided the routine on the following parts of the articles.

HSC Routine 2020 All Education

Here is the routine of all Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh. We have added two shift of exam times here. We also added all the subject code here.

10 am to 1 PM
Date and Day Subject Name
2 Pm- 5 PM
Bangla Compulsory 1st Paper -101 01-04-2020
Bangla Compulsory 2nd Paper – 102 02-04-2020
English Compulsory 1st Paper – 107 04-04-2020
English Compulsory 2nd Paper – 108 06-04-2020
ICT -175 08-04-2020
Physics 1st Paper -174
Accounting 1st Paper – 253
Logic 1st Paper -121
Physics 2nd Paper -175
Accounting 2nd Paper -254
Logic 2nd Paper – 122
Economic 1st Paper-109
Engineering Drawing 1st Paper -180
Economic 2nd Paper – 110
Engineering Drawing 2nd paper -1 – 222
Engineering Drawing 2nd paper -2 – 182
Engineering Drawing 2nd paper -3 -183
Chemistry 1st Paper- 176
Islamic History and Culture 1st Paper – 267
History 1st Paper – 304
Home Management and Family Relationship 1st Paper – 197
Home Management and Family Life 1st Paper -282
Production, Management and Sale 1st Paper – 286
Short music 1st paper -216
Chemistry 2nd Paper -177
Islamic History and Culture 2nd Paper -168
History 2nd Paper – 305
Home Management and Family Relationship 2nd Paper -198
Home Management and Family Life 2nd Paper – 283
Production, Management and Sale 2nd Paper -287
Short music 2nd paper -217
Geography 1st Paper -125
Classical music 1st Paper – 218
Geography 2nd Paper – 126
Classical music 2nd Paper – 219
Civics 1st Part – 269
Biology 1st Part – 178
Business Management 1st Part – 277
25 April 2020
General Science and Chemistry 1st Paper – 192
General Science and Biology 1st Paper – 193
Food and Nutrition 1st Paper -279
Civics 2nd Part – 270
Biology 2nd Part – 179
Business Management 2nd Part – 278
General Science and Food and Nutrition – 194
Food and Nutrition 2nd Paper -280
Statistics 1st Paper -129
Psychology 1st Paper – 123
Agricultural Studies 1st Paper – 239
Soil Science 1st Paper – 288
Arts and Textiles and Clothing Industry 1st Paper – 255
Art and Textile Parts 1st Paper – 284
Fine Arts 1st Paper – 225
Statistics 2nd Paper -130
Psychology 2nd Paper – 124
Agricultural Studies 2nd Paper – 280
Soil Science 2nd Paper – 289
Arts and Textiles and Clothing Industry 2nd Paper – 256
Art and Textile Parts 2nd Paper – 285
Fine Arts 2nd Paper -226
Higher Maths 1st Paper- 265
Islamic Studies 1st Paper -249
Home Economics 1st Paper -273
Arabic 1st Paper -133
Sanskrit 1st Paper -134
Pali 1st Paper -139
Higher Maths 2nd Paper -266
Islamic Studies 2nd Paper – 250
Home Economics 2nd Paper -274
Arabic 2nd Paper- 134
Sanskrit 2nd Paper – 138
Pali 2nd Paper – 140
Finance, Banking 1st Paper -292
Growth of Children 1st Paper -298
Social Science 1st Paper -117
Social Works 1st Paper – 271
Sports 1st Paper
Finance, Banking 2nd Paper -293
Growth of Children 2nd Paper -299
Social Science 2nd Paper -118
Social Works 2nd Paper -272
Sports 2nd Paper

According to the HSC routine provided by the education board, the HSC Exam will begin with Bangla first paper at first April 2020. it will ends on May 4, 2020. The exam will be held on two shifts. Morning Shift exam will begin at 10 AM in the morning and ends at 1 AM. Day shift exam will begin on 2 PM and run for three hours. Exam timetable depends on the total marks of the exam. We have provided the marks Distribution of the HSC exam later on this article. We recommend checking twice your subjects exam date. It is also recommended to keep memorize the subject code. In the answer paper, you have to fill up the subject code in the OMR form which is a very important part of the exam.

HSC EXAM Routine 2020 PDF Download

The above routine is somewhat confusing for somebody. If you are looking for the Image and PDF version of the routine here you can go. The following exact routine is published by the Education Board authority. We have added the pdf version of the HSC Examination Schedule 2020 here. Hope it will help you to get the proper timing of the routine. The HSC Exam will start on April 1, 2020. It ends on May 4, 2020

HSC-Routine-2020-Starts-1-April- DIBS-Dhaka-Comilla-Rajshahi-Jessore-Chittagong-Barishal-Sylhet-Dinajpur-Board
HSC Routine 2020 Starts 1 April  DIBS Dhaka Comilla Rajshahi Jessore Chittagong Barishal Sylhet Dinajpur Board.jpg
HSC Routine 2020 Starts 1 April  DIBS Dhaka Comilla Rajshahi Jessore Chittagong Barishal Sylhet Dinajpur Board.jpg

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